Twitter Damn why won't this bird just shut the hell up?! Want to link to me?
88x31 banner. oh yeah a banner.:

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Facebook Still have no idea why i have facebook.
Newgrounds My second home next to my real home
Tumblr A.k.a The best tumblr page you will ever see
My Carrd Me carrd i hev
My Buzzly My location on the web
Hellerlines Carrd He has a really good carrd check it out!
DeviantArt Me deviantart
Casey's Spacehey Pretty much says it all
b3ta The website is worth a click
Blips Old twitter
Wevidi Better version of vidlii
Bitlii Idk what to say here but pretty cool
BetaTube The title says it all
Vimeo I post nothing here but aye at least it exist
YTMND This is the most funniest thing on the internet
TinyChat I will mabye make streams here Might also make streams here
YouTube Da YouTooobz
Last.Fm I listen to great music here.
Ask me stuff here Ask stuff here. Or just ask stuff on my tumblr
LiveJournal Well this exist
Neopets Yes i will promise to feed my pets. But i probally won't keep that promis tho